Earthquake V1 (10:20) – (2013)

The structure of Earthquake V1 is derived from earthquake data recorded in California and Nevada during a 24 hour period on 3/23/13, culled from the Southern California Earthquake Data Center at the California Institute of Technology. The duration and temporal placement of seismic events were condensed from the 24 hour period down to 10 minutes. The magnitude, geographic location and depth were used to determine the volume, spatial location, sample choice and/or computer generated sound. These works are spatialized for binaural playback and best heard with headphones.

Earthquake V1 is composed of looped samples made largely with contact microphones which include pins dropping in metal and glass containers, sounds created with a handmade aeolian harp, paper being torn, a ceramic tile being scrapped across concrete and spinning coins. The rumble is a manipulated sample of leaves being crunched.

The work is part of a collection called, Salvatore, recently released on the netlabel, Petroglyph Music.

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Earthquake V1 — Philip Mantione